Competition Cooking .. Saturday February 4th


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Bucky's Bar-B-Q

In this Saturday morning class you will learn the basics of cooking a SCBA competition. This class will focus on how to prepare a Pork Butt to present to the judges. Learn choosing the best meat and how to prep it for smoking. You’ll learn to trim the most important part of the meat (the money muscle) for the judging. You will make rubs and sauces, then try them out on the meat you cook. You will also learn the tips and tricks to smoking the meat to keep it moist and tender. Before you leave you will know the temperatures and cooking times to get perfect results. We will discuss cookers and also study the judging process and scoring. Imagine you can make a presentation like the picture below! Before you leave you will make a box like this and be judged in the class. This class will last 5 hours on a Saturday Morning starting at 9am till about 2:00.  Location will be announced.


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