Wayne's Personal Story

Wayne's Personal StoryHi, I’m Wayne Preston. I started Bucky’s Bar-B-Q in April of 2000. Below is my story.

I was a wild young man, married very young and quickly got busy raising 4 children and making a living. I had glamorous visions of a great family, wealth and success. I had learned how to work hard from my dad who ran his own meat packing business.

As I grew older I worked hard and long hours in the search for wealth and monetary security. I was very successful. I had what most people long for. Big business, big house, beach home, boat, fancy cars, I had it all. I even gave my money and my time to Christian ministries and was involved regularly in church. I was very successful, but my family life suffered greatly.

I had accepted Christ when I was 17 years old and it was a life changing experience. My wild times changed to living for Jesus. I had grown up in church and had heard about Christ all my life. I had a great mom & dad and they were the perfect examples. All was well for a while except my relationship with Christ was replaced with the desire to succeed. I believe God allowed me to learn the hard way.

My business failed, my family was coming apart and I felt all alone even though I was in church 2 to 3 times a week. I was trusting Wayne instead of trusting Christ! I lost everything I had. Business, home, cars, retirement account, everything was gone. I was broke! I began to search for help.

I knew I was already a Christian, but I was not having a personal relationship with Christ. As I began to pay attention to God, I soon learned that God didn’t want me to be good. He just wanted me to trust him. When I began trusting God things began to turn around. God provided another chance for me to start a new business and provide for my family.

As I trusted God for direction, my business exceeded all my expectations and my wife and I have the best relationship ever. It has been a tough journey, but with Christ all things are possible.

Once I was only interested in wealth and success, but now I am more interested in following Christ and helping others to see what Christ can do in their lives. If you would like to know more about knowing Christ personally, I have included some simple information that may be helpful to you. You have to take the first step, so take a moment and look it over.

Take the first step…